Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Citrix ICA file behaviour (some of it)

When connecting to a Citrix environment the connection between end-point and resource is established via an ICA file. (receiver for web)

The ICA file is generated by storefront and delivered back to the end-point.

ICA file Location
The ICA file get stored in the users
"%Appdata%\local\Temp" or "%LocalAppData%\Local\Citrix\Web Helper\Temp\2"

ICA files downloaded 
IE downloads - 4 ICA files
Chrome downloads - 2 ICA files
Firefox - 4 ICA Files
(Note : 4 files are downloaded for desktops and 2 for published applications)

File Assocation
The ICA file is then launched via file Association to open Citrix Receiver or Citrix Connection Manager.

File Delete
When the session is disconnected or logged off the ICA file should be deleted. This is contolled via the Default.ICA file on storefront with the setting RemoveICAfile=Yes

My testing showed that Firefox did not always clean up the ICA files on logoff or disconnect and left 1 ICA file behind. This was always true when "Connection Manager" was used to open ICA files. When Receiver was used within Firefox the ICA files removed as expected.
It was noticed that ICA files are always called ICAxxxx except in firefox with connection manager which names the files WEQ3xxxxx

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