Monday, 25 March 2019

Xendesktop power State unknown

A POWER STATE UNKNOWN is quite likely to be produced in the event of change to VMs on the hyper-visor that breaks its connection with Xendesktop. This commonly occurs with a VM GUID change.

You need to ensure that the Xendesktop GUID for VMs matches the Hyper-V or Vmware GUID.

Vmware View GUIDs on Host Machine
get-childitem -path xdhyp:\hostingunits\hostservername -recurse | select -property name,id | Export-csv C:\host.csv

Xendesktop view GUID
Get-brokermachine -machinename uk\machinename | select Name,Hostedmachineid

If they are out sync, then you will need to set the GUID In Xendesktop to match the hypervisor with the following command

set-brokermachine -machinename domain\computername  -hostedmachineid xxx-yyyy-zzzz

Note : If the command to get the ID from Vmware fails, it can also be gained by changing directory to cd XDHYP:\connections\hypervisorname  then dir *.vm >out.txt and check inside the output for the machines ID

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